Empty Nest evolved from an idea for a final project in a magazine publishing class at Rosemont College in 2004 to its eighth (!) year as a published e-zine in 2014. My endless gratitude to Frank Quattrone and Elizabeth Replogle, my advisors at Rosemont, for helping me develop the first online issue for my M.A. thesis (2007). The publication has changed over time and our readership has grown (with as many as 19,000 hits per month). Our goal is to reach out to empty nesters across the globe and share their stories. Along the way, we’ve grown from one editor to three, and from four contributors to many—some seasoned, published writers and some new to the craft, but all with a story to tell:

Gail Adams, Abbey Alpert, Laurie Halse Anderson, Jean Barto, Aaron Becker, William Bedford, Marian Bellus, Donna Blinebury, Bonnie Boehme, Amie Bonner, Anaise Asousa Bonner, Gary Bonner, Sarah Bonner, Marian Buckner, Ellen Kay Coleman, Carol Dorey, Louise Doskow, Phyllis Eckelmeyer, Donna Faria, Sharla Feldscher, Marianna Fiani, Carol Field, Adele Fine, Andrea Freedman, Clare Gassler Frey, Patty Grasty, Ellen Britz Gerber, Janette Gerber (pseudonym), Dr. Burt Ginsberg, June Gondi, Dale Goodner, Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Margie Greenberg, Gretchen and Emilie Haertsch, Leslie Hawke, Carol Holst, Maria “Dancing Heart” Hoaglund, Matt Hugg, Lejla Jusic, George Kell, Erin Kelly, Kris Kelly, Jill Landsman, Jeremy Lifsey, Jewel Littenberg, Sandra Long, Julie Longacre, Lauren McKinney, Juilene Osborne McKnight, Patricia McLaughlin, Tammy Jo Meier, Liz Milner, Helene Moccia, Gail Mooney, April Redzic, Dana Murray-Resénté, Ellen Newman, Wendy Pellinore, Kerry Peresta, Jim Porterfield, Thalia Poulos, Frank Quattrone, Kevin Ryan, Joan Sartor, Jill Sherer Murray, Chris Slawecki, Maryanne Soper, Father Placid Stroik, Laurine Valenti, the Van Anglen family, Jerry Waxler, Connie Wesley, Dr. John Wesley, Joy Williamson, Linda Wisniewski, Alicia Wright, and Dr. Daniel Young.

Special thanks go to Empty Nest's two Associate Editors, Ellen Newman Feinstein and Bonnie Boehme, who lend their expertise and a hand with the editorial work, not to mention the copyediting. Finally, I thank my husband, Gary—"IT Guy"— our photo prep and Web coding guru. Troubleshooting technical issues, Gary stands alongside me in true empty-nesting spirit. This, of course, frees my time for developing leads, writing, managing the publication, and finding time to go sailing with him.

A Little About Me
My background includes a B.A. in English (with an art minor) and more than 30 years experience in the publishing industry. In 2007, I completed coursework for an M.A. in English and Publishing at Rosemont College, where I focused my studies on writing and magazine publishing. As such, I enjoy "putting it all together" at Empty Nest. I have managed development and production publishing for textbook publishers and services, and also have aided businesses with their marketing materials. I am available for consultation and/or independent writing and editing projects through my company, Spring Mount Communications (rcbonner@comcast.net.). Currently, I teaching writing at the local community college. When I'm not working or writing, I serve as membership secretary of the Nockamixon Sail Club, and, in the fall, I will begin a term as a board member of the Geographical Society of Philadelphia. In my free time, I love to hang out with my husband, grown daughters, and/or friends—sailing, hiking, bicycling, or otherwise enjoying the Great Outdoors. I also enjoy books, margaritas, food, and interesting conversation on almost any topic.

Robin C. Bonner
Editor, Empty Nest

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