MIND HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself as Family Traditions Change
The holidays are upon us! It all begins with Halloween—costumes, candy, and pumpkins—and continues through Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. We raise our children with the traditions we gather from our own family trees, a way of life we believe creates the best bonds and memories. Striving to recreate these special gatherings every year is part and parcel of being “family.” It is a time when rituals, love, laughter, and warmth permeate our lives.

CULTURE Reflections on the Empty Nest: From Pearl to Nautilus
Empty Nest diverges from the regular Culture format to bring you reflections on empty nesting by Ezra Idlet, half of the comedy musical duo Trout Fishing in America. Ezra was kind enough to share his thoughts with us. Together with Keith Grimwood, he has composed, played, and recorded music for almost 30 years. The pair’s special musical blend of comedy, family themes, musical prowess, and just plain fun has earned them three Grammy nominations. Visit their Web site for info on their music, concert schedule, and available CDs. You’re never too old to go Trout Fishing.

FAMILY Empty Nest: Not! One Mother’s Holiday Answer to Managing Grown Children
An empty nester? Only in my imagination. It’s two days before Christmas. Hubby JT strums his guitar and sings carols. I’ve finally cleared the counters of mugs and Tupperware, paid the bills, mailed the cards, assembled the decorations, and put them in place. I skipped work to put together a pineapple, apple, and magnolia-leaf Williamsburg plaque for above the front door…

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