WEDDING BELLS...AT A DISTANCE Planning a Destination Wedding
We were camping near Acadia National Park, in Maine. It was a trip we had taken as a family many times. Only now, the girls were grown, and they were reliving childhood memories: the waves crashing against the rocks at Thunder Hole, tidal pools in the early morning at Anemone Cave, sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, lobster dinners in Bar Harbor... so it was no surprise when Amie blurted out: "Mom, wouldn't this be a great place for a destination wedding!?"

SARAH GOES TO LONDON How to Cope When Your Child Studies Abroad
Usually, I donít dwell on time zones... until Sarah decided to study abroad. Now, I live by them. I wonder: What is she doing now (while Iím in a different part of my own day)? Is she okay? What if she needs me—how quickly could I get there? Why doesnít she call or at least email more often? Itís because sheís busy. My advice to parents is: Be busy yourselves. Very busy.

REAL PEOPLE EMPTY NESTING An Interview With Juilene Osborne-McKnight
Juilene Osborne-McKnight is a university professor, a trained Celtic storyteller, and the author of four critically acclaimed novels. In this fascinating interview, she discusses how she approached her empty-nesting years and found a unique opportunity to realize her dreams.

CARING FOR AGING PARENTS Available Resources: A Review of Film Nothing in Common
Nothing in Common (1986) is not a new film, but it raises issues perennial to adult children of aging parents. In viewing it, we experience the struggles of David Basner, a typical American adult child (played by Tom Hanks) abruptly faced with the responsibilities of caring for his aging parents. The average American demographic has aged over the past 30 years, so many of us know these physical, mental, and emotional struggles first hand.

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